About Us


Who We Are

Noor Companies (NŌR) is a minority woman owned social enterprise general contractor and developer centered on delivering exceptional construction and development projects with a larger impact on building the future talent and the next generation of leaders in the construction industry.

NŌR works in a diversified space that includes, construction, real estate development, alternative financing, community engagement and workforce inclusion for all. All of the business lines are not only held to financial sustainability goals, but also demonstrate progress in achieving positive social impact.  

Our Value Proposition

We are a social enterprise that collaborates with public and private entities to plan, engage, design, build and sustain vibrant environments for communities to live, work and pursue their dreams. Our work creates opportunities for people across the cultural and income spectrum, demonstrate profound culturally enhanced design, with the environment in mind and acknowledges culture and community to reflect in every aspect of the engagement, financing, development, construction and sustianabilty process.   

Our Mission


Noor Companies’s mission is to do business that demonstrates progress in achieving positive social impact. In all of our work we respond and address the needs of our communities by providing a platform for success, foster entrepreneurial endeavors, create empowered workforce, and provide healthy, affordable sustainable and inspiring world. 

Team & Experience

We have a dedicated team of project managers, superintendents, strategic problem solvers with a combined 50 years of experience in construction, development, finance and consulting. Our customers truly become family members that we collaborate, and partner to solve the world's problems.