About Us

Our Company

Noor Companies is a minority and woman-owned company providing exceptional real estate development, general contracting, and investment opportunities to public and private clients in the Midwest. As a social enterprise, our work centers on providing community engagement and talent development services with the larger goal of empowering the next generation of leaders to co-create legacies of change for a healthier, more equitable, and more sustainable world. 

Target Lake Street

Our Mission

Our mission is anchored in empowering:

The real estate development community

to be inclusive, and focused on building the future of our communities.

Investment in community

that is inclusive of all our communities no matter the wealth, location, race, ethnicity or religion.


to use better products for the health and sustainability of our environments.

Affordable housing

to not be synonymous with low quality and cheap housing.


by giving them dignity – the number one priority of the employer.

The construction industry needs more innovation, heart, and precision. 
A commitment to diversity needs to go beyond good faith efforts. 

A pool of amazing untapped talent – especially from women and communities of color – could be the perfect complement to an aging generation of skilled laborers.

As a result, our business is a force for good in everything we set our minds to, from the way we do our work to the way we show up in our communities. Our development work supports this, as we combine profound culturally enhanced design with an environment-first attitude, while keeping culture and community top of mind in every aspect of our engagements, from financing to development and construction. 

Our Values


We ask questions and adjust at every step of the process to ensure our customers feel seen, heard, and valued. This is the foundation of strong client relationships and fuels our commitment to quality. From the opening bid to opening day, our team elevates our clients’ voices. 


Our team communicates early and often, and we forge trust through honest conversations. When challenges arise, we develop solutions in close coordination with our clients and are exacting in our work to exceed expectations. 


We are a team of lifelong learners. Every day is an opportunity to innovate, improve, and grow from what we did yesterday. Unbound by conventional thinking, we create the space for our team to dream bigger on every project.


We embrace differences and believe empowering our team to share their unique perspectives enables our success. Welcoming our team, clients, and stakeholders to show up as their authentic selves helps us establish the genuine partnerships necessary to build a future of shared prosperity.

Our People

Nawal Noor, Founder & CEO

Nawal Noor is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, developer and general contractor based in Minneapolis, Minn. 

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of project managers, superintendents, and strategic problem solvers with a combined 50 years of experience in the construction, development, finance and consulting industries. Our clients truly become family members that we collaborate and partner with to solve the world's problems.